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Membership Dues

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What comes with a Coog Crew Membership?

  • Coog Crew Exclusive Events
    • Members have the incredible opportunity to meet face to face with coaches, players, and past Cougar athletes!
  • Coog Crew Tailgating
    • A member-only tailgate which includes food and non-alcoholic beverages. (Not just Football! )
  • Coog Crew Alumni
    • Be able to meet with spirited Cougar alumni who are looking to give back to the next generation of Coogs! 
  • Coog Crew Travels
    • Travel with the rowdiest group of students as we take our spirited student section to the next level!
  • Coog Crew Swag
    • Each member will receive a Coog Crew T-shirt exclusive to members only!

Membership Cost:

  • Individuals
    • $25 per Semester or $40 per Academic Year (Fall/Spring)
  • Groups of 10 or More
    • $20 per person for Semester or $30 per person for Academic Year (Fall/Spring)